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The Water Alliance is a multi-stakeholder network of experts and advocates that have been thinking together about water sustainability and new approaches to water management.  Many of the reports and workshops generated by this group have been sponsored by the Coalition for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, with funding from the Decentralized Water Resources Collaborative.  For more information on the Collaborative and related projects see:


Valerie Nelson - Director

Valerie Nelson is the Director of the Coalition for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, which is a national alliance of advocates for and experts in decentralized water, wastewater, and stormwater treatment and management. Dr. Nelson is Chair of the Decentralized Systems Advisory Committee at the National Decentralized Water Resources Capacity Development Project hosted by WERF, and served two terms on the Gloucester City Council. She was the Director of the Lighthouse Preservation Society and was a Lecturer and Visiting Assistant Professor at the Kennedy School of Government and M.I.T.

 Paul Schwartz - Senior Advisor

Paul Schwartz is Clean Water Action's National Policy Coordinator and Clean Water Fund's Water Policy Director. Mr. Schwartz's areas of focus include: drinking water source protection, wet weather issues and water infrastructure finance and watershed clean up. Mr. Schwartz sits on the steering committees of both the Campaign for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water and is a co-chair of the Clean Water Network's Wet Weather/Funding Workgroup.


Key Participants

Ed Clerico
Owner - Alliance Environmental, LLC

Integrated Infrastructure

Water Reuse - New York City and Japan: Experience and Future Prospect

Glen Daigger
President - International Water Association

Speech to the World Bank (Video)

The Growing Role for Innovation in Urban Water Management

Robert Goo
US EPA - Assessment & Watershed Protection Division

Andy Lipkis

Founder and President - TreePeople

Patrick Lucey
President and Sr. Aquatic Ecologist - Aqua-Tex

Cynthia Mitchell
Professor of Sustainability - Institute for Sustainable Futures

Effectively Managing the Transition Towards Restorative Futures in the Sewage Industry: A Phosphorus Case Study

Steve Moddemeyer
Principal - CollinsWoerman

Water and Energy:  Integrated Infrastructure at the Site Scale

Jeff Moeller

Senior Program Director - WERF

Mark Shannon
James W. Bayne Professor - Director of the Center of Advanced Materials for the Purification of Water with Systems Micro-Nano-Mechanical Systems Laboratory -Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering (MechSE), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Energy Recovery from Wastewater

Becky Smith
Water Coordinator - Clean Water Action

Rich Sustich
Board of Directors - Clean Water America Alliance

Neil Weinstein
Executive Director - The Low Impact Development Center, Inc.


International Water Association
Water Environment Resource Foundation
Corps Reform Network